I Might Be A Runner

Today, I did something I wasn’t sure if ever be able to do. So be warned this entire post will be me tooting my own horn. But, hey I’m proud of myself and had a major accomplishment for me anyway.
First I ran for 15 minutes straight. That’s right I started running and went for 15 minutes before going back to walk. The longest I’ve run at once up until today had been 10 minutes. So yeah an extra 5 minutes. I know for you runners out there it’s nothing, but for a girl that is not a runner this was huge. Second I didn’t feel like I was going to die nor was I gasping for breath at the end of the 15 minutes. So this means 2 things I can run longer and a bit faster. Two things I will be working on.
Second in those 15 minutes I ran a mile. Now I know that is not a fast mile at all, but hey it’s a start. I’m hoping to one day make it to a 10 minute mile and well I only have another 5 minutes to shave off. I can and will do it. Run training is really working.
I think I’ll be a real runner yet.

Casualty During The Dog Walk

The weather here in Wyoming today was wonderful. Well okay as wonderful as it gets here. Temps in the 70′s, some sun, and of course wind. Because you can’t have a completely nice day here in Wyoming.
We took the dogs out for another walk in hopes of burning off some of their energy, getting in some exercise for us, and just some time spent enjoying the fresh air.
We took a different route today that had less car traffic but more people and other dog traffic. The dogs did pretty well although Heidi, our younger dog was a bit of a spaz. As we walked by a house with a large fence a dog jumped at the fence and started barking. This of course spooked Heidi. Which then resulted in me getting taken out by my scared of her own shadow dog. Slightly sprained ankle and skinned up knee later we made it home. Did I mention we took the dogs on a little over 2 mile walk today. They are getting a bit better at walking on a leash. I still won’t be walking the 2 of them by myself ever.


It’s Not On the Plan But It Was Oh So Good

I just discovered Cold Stone Creamery’s lemon ice cream, and well I am in trouble. Complete deliciousness is what that is. I had it with strawberries and whipped cream and well I pretty much think that I am definitely in heaven. It is amazingly yummy goodness.
Of course ice cream so not a good thing to e consuming when one is trying to shrink the waistline. It definitely will not be something I indulge in a lot but I’m glad I did tonight.
I also made it a little more acceptable. The husband and I walked to the joint had our ice cream and then preceded to walk ourselves back home. So I burned some of those delicious calories off.
Ahhhh ice cream I love you.

Walking My Dogs Is A Full Body Workout

This afternoon the weather here in Wyoming had improved greatly from this morning’s snow and cold temperatures. It is now sunny and in the 40′s. The husband and I decided we would try to take our dogs for a walk. Now, walking our dogs is a full on workout. They are horrible on a leash. It is completely our fault as we never really worked with them on a leash because they have always been able to pretty much run free.

Anyway, they pull, yank, stop short, and have to sniff everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. So a walk that could take 10 minutes takes hours. Oh not to mention the upper body workout I get with the dogs fighting them to stay on the sidewalk and not dragging me into people’s yards or better yet oncoming traffic.

We did about a mile with them and decided that was enough.  The husband will be home for a few weeks before he heads off to work for 3 months so I’m hoping that the weather will cooperate and be nice enough for afternoon or evening walks in which we can take the dogs. The only way they will get better is if we continue to take them out. Plus it’s a good workout for me.

Getting My Walk On

I’ve been spending an hour nearly every night hitting the treadmill. I haven’t been super motivated the last couple of days. I think I’m still recouping from my vacation. I need a vacation from my vacation apparently.
I’m hoping and looking forward to some nice weather here in Wyoming so that I can move the walking outside. Plus the husband will be home for a few weeks and that means some quality time with the husband and some exercise. Double bonus. Fingers crossed for some nice weather. Of course tomorrow the weather is calling for snow again. Ughhhh

Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Today, I decided to whip up a batch of cupcakes for dessert tonight, gluten-free of course. I completely treated and used a box mix. I used Betty Crocker’s Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix. I was impressed with how well it baked and that there was no crumbling, which can be a major problem with gluten-free baking. These cupcakes didn’t have any problem staying together. However, I wasn’t so impressed with the taste. They tasted pretty bland actually. And, well I love cake that tastes yummy and this left something to be desired. But, hey it’s okay I added some chocolate frosting and added some taste to it.
So it’s all about what your looking for, some may love it, but I think there is something better out there.

Really Wyoming?

Yesterday morning I woke up to lovely warm temperatures and a sunny sky.  Of course that was in Las Vegas.  In Wyoming this morning I woke up to this:



Okay, I get it I live in Wyoming and it snows here. But, it has been snowing for 8 months, 8 months, that’s 3/4 of a year.  I think we’ve had enough. Let’s have some spring weather and enjoy life. Snow is no longer needed here. I want to go for walks outside and get some vitamin D without having to ingest it in pill form. Please sun, warm weather, and Spring come to stay in Wyoming.