Allergy Struggle

Im allergic to a lot. Grass, pollen, mold, spider bites, bee stings, and apparently whatever little sucker got me outside this evening. 

Because, as you can see my foot has just become a sausage. 

The worst part is the actual bite is not that big, red, or swollen, but it itches like a mother trucker. 

Seriously, universe I’d like to enjoy my yard from time to time without risking the chance of allergic reaction. 

Kickin’ It Old School

It was a kickball night and it was amazing!!! Every week it’s just been getting better and better. I am having so much fun and definitely look forward to it. 

We played amazing tonight. We kicked a$$. We got lots of quick outs and worked well together. And, our offense was on FIRE tonight. 

Oh and let me brag a little I made it on base with an RBI or maybe it’s called a RKI. Either way I did it!!!! My second time up I got an out but advanced the runner to third so it was still a good thing. 

Seriously, people find a local kickball league and join its a blast.