Okay so it’s really not that cool kid low 40’s/high 30’s but when it was 75 the other day it’s cold. 

This winter has been completely nuts. Temperatures have been all over the place. Our landscaping doesn’t know what is going on. Our lawn is really at the point of it probably should be mowed, but it’s mother trucking February. I shouldn’t have to mow the lawn. 

Since I’ve felt that it cold today I haven’t done any of the things I had really planned on doing. Well add in cold temperatures and a meeting that went way longer than expected and my whole day has been thrown off. 

Here’s hoping tomorrow I get stuff done because it needs to happen so that I can start Monday off fresh. 

I hate when my day gets thrown way off schedule. 

Little Things Make Me Happy

Today was the day, the office is finally complete and I can start working in it. I finally have a space to work and not have everything else encroaching on me. Now the real trick will be keeping the husband out of the place. Or at the very least making him keep it the exact way he found it. 

He works in chaos and then doesn’t clean up the chaos and well that just sends me. Everything has its place and needs to go back to those places when done being used. So, this is the reason why the office has been in complete chaos for so long because things didn’t have a home and I let him have the office. However, that is no longer the case as I need the space to do my job now. 

  Ahhhh the finished product. Love it. I’ll be adding things to the walls to make it a bit more lively. The furniture is in the office is set up and things are put away. Let’s start business. 
And, if having the office completely done the husband brought home my new kitchen faucet.  Ahhhhhh whoooooo!!!! I love my kitchen faucet now. Back in Wyoming we had a touch faucet and I wanted to take it with us the husband refused, and now I’m thinking he wished he had since the price hasn’t changed any in 3 years.  

 Isn’t it pretty?  So much nicer and sturdier then the chintzy one that was previously there. 

And, oh another note more related to this blog then this ridiculousness, I’m looking into isagenix. Anyone have any info or experience with this or similar products? 

Along with this I’ve been looking into Noom Coach and Daily Burn which I think I’ll be trying both out for a month or so to see how I like them. Again any advice, info, or reviews would be great. 

These Guys

So these 2 guys got us a visit from animal control tonight. Apparently, one of our neighbors doesn’t like hearing a dog bark, and called animal control. Uhmmm we aren’t the only ones with dogs, yes my dogs bark, but that’s what dogs do, you could of talked to us about it if it was that much of a bother to you, and oh yeah it wasn’t even quite hours. 

We were told they were good and it’s not a problem so we shall see. I may be going to pay a visit to the neighbor to find out what exactly the problem is.  

We’ll keep the little trouble makers anyway regardless if we get reported for barking dogs. 

Beautiful Day

  It’s a beautiful day and looks like it’s going to continue into the evening here. I’m enjoying the spring like feel of the day. 
On another note my friends over at Thick2Thin who I absolutely love are doing a huge sale on their clothing as they are about to launch a new business plan. So  

Head on over to t2t and get yourself some amazing fitness clothes and help support small business. 


Tonight I made a pretty tasty dinner for the husband and I. 

Stuffed chicken with pesto, spinach, tomato, and fresh mozzarella. Caprese salad and a mixed green salad.  

 Along with making dinner I’ve been working on putting the office back together. The bookshelf is organized and looking nice. I have a shelf designated for travel and one for real estate. 

After the bookshelf was tackled it was on to organizing the desk and putting all of the office supplies away. It is coming right along. Now it’s time to take all of the stuff that had taken up residence in the office that doesn’t really belong there and find a home for it. 

We got some new shelving for the attached garage which will definitely be home to some of the stuff. I have tons of sensory and craft stuff from working in early childhood education and occasionally still do that stuff, plus it’s expensive so no need to replace it. 

We also have a ton of stuff that we need to keep but doesn’t need to be cluttering up the office so it’ll be moved elsewhere. 

I also have a ton of photography bags and multiple items of the same or near same thing that I’ll be going through and cutting down the amount of stuff we have. 

Tomorrow we are off to the office supply store to get some things we need to further organize the room and then a few days of decuttering away and I’ll have a real office that is usable. Finally!!!

So I’ve actually had a fairly productive Sunday. And the husband has as well as he’s been working on his new electric home brew system he’s building.  

So yeah we’ve been productive. No day of rest here. 

Happy Sunday. 

Donate If You Can

I’m a member of the local chapter of the Junior League. I’m actually a Provisional, which means it’s my first year and I’m learning about the league and getting acquainted with all that they do. 

Every year the Provisional class holds a blood drive, and today was the day. We had a goal of getting 90 units and we got that and blew right on by it. So awesome to see so many people come out and donate. 


This was only a few hours into the drive


Right now they are in urgent need of blood so if you can donate please do so. Save a life. 

Lots of Steps

Today the husband and I made the trip to IKEA. I love that place not just because of all of the cool stuff you can find there but also because I got some serious steps in. Unfortunately, I was not wearing my tracker but that’s okay I know I walked all over that place. Tested out all sorts of desks and chairs and pushed some heavy carts.

Plus we were successful in finding a workstation for the office. SCORE!!!!! 

Now the next few days will be taking everything out of the office to move in the new stuff and organize, organize, organize the room so that I can actually work in it and not have anxiety over the disarray and disorganization that it currently is. 

So many things to do this week for all of my jobs. Good thing I have nothing major scheduled.