It’s An App

i have to tell you about one of my favorite apps for my phone right now. It’s one that I’ve had for a while, but I’ll admit it I was lazy and not one for being to active. Hence the whole reason behind this blog. Anyway, moving forward.  The app is called Fleetly.

Fleetly is an app where you log all of your activity and based on how long you did the activity, and how hard you are awarded points. As you accumulate points your fitness score goes up. It’s designed so that you can compete with your friends if you so choose to see who’s racking up the most points. I currently have no friends on Fleetly it’s just a competition with myself at the moment, but hey if you have the app and want to be my friend I’m down with that.

Along with competing with your friends there are also user-created challenges that you can join, and see where you rank among the Fleetly users. There are “medals” awarded for completing challenges, exercises, and achieving set goals. I get pretty excited every time I get a “medal”. It’s just a little extra incentive.  Like, hey Fleetly knows I’m working at it over here. I am person that works well with praise, especially when it comes to this whole get healthier and in better shape thing.

So, if you haven’t checked out Fleetly yet, you might want to it’s just something that can provide some competition against friends, or even against yourself.

I’m a fitness level 1, yeah not so great, but I started out at 0, and I’m only 9 points away from level 2 which I will achieve tomorrow. Go me!


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