Zumba.  You’ve all heard of it by now I’m sure, it’s been around for a while, and has even added some new elements to itself over the years. If you haven’t actually tried it yet, I highly recommend you do it’ sa ton of fun. Dancing around for an hour and getting an awesome workout in the same time is AMAZING. I mean really something so much fun shouldn’t be called exercise surely. But, trust me it is.

I actually never really knew how much of a workout it was until today.  I mean yes every time I do it I’m sweating and guzzling water and ready to collapse after the hour, and I’ve heard the stats burns “x” amount of calories in an hour, but I never had any proof of that for myself. Until today that is.

I slept in late today, as the dogs were rather ridiculous last night waking me up several times. By the time I had got around to getting myself moving enough to workout today I had only logged around 500 steps on my fitbit, but after completing a 50 minute round of Zumba I was already at 4,555 steps.  What in 50 minutes dancing around with Zumba I had moved 4,000 steps. WOW! I was shocked, then I also so the calories burned already for the day.  Now I know my fitbit is not 100% accurate it’s more of an estimation, but still that’s a lot of movement and calories to be burning in 50 minutes and to be smiling the entire time I’m doing it. Along with the fitbit help 50 minutes of Zumba logged into Fleetly gained me 28 points, holy crow. Needless, to say I think that I will be doing more Zumba throughout the weeks to come.

Now, I actually did Zumba at home for free.  I found this amazing video on YouTube, that is killer, and well a lot of fun. I know that it’s more fun to do it in a class with other people, but well I’m not as coordinated as I would like to think I am, and the other thing is I’m not quite ready for other people to see me shake my thing.  Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be more confidant about my coordination, and join a class or two.

Anyway, I’m providing the link to the workout onYouTube, or you can always search Hull College Zumba on YouTube as well.  I didn’t post the video because are you really going to watch 50 minutes worth of video from my blog.  I mean I guess there are some that would, but it’s just easier to provide the link.

Hope you’re enjoying whatever workout you have planned, and also enjoying your Saturday,  I am going to go out and enjoy the nice fall weather that we are experiencing here in Wyoming.  Finally a day with no snow.

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