This past week I got 3 yellow squash in the Bountiful Basket delivery. I had originally planned on making stuffed squash with it. I’ve made the same thing with zucchini before, and it was delicious. I however, changed my mind and really didn’t want to have to start dinner an hour before I wanted to eat.

Instead I whipped up sautéed squash in tomato sauce. I didn’t follow any recipe because well how hard is sautéing some veggies and adding tomato sauce to it. I did however photograph the steps.

First I rinsed the squash and set to cutting them up into rounds of roughly the same thickness, otherwise your cooking time will vary greatly for the thicker and thinner pieces.

Cutting the squash

I then placed all of the squash in a pan with just a little olive oil, and let them sauté. Making sure to give them a quick stir to avoid sticking and or burning.


Sautéed squash

Sautéed squash

While the squash was sautéing I added some herbs.  I used an Italian Herb Blend, but you can season it with whatever your heart desires. After the squash had reached my desired doneness, is that even a word? I added tomato sauce to the pan. I unfortunately didn’t have any homemade sauce on hand, so I used a jar of Newman’s Own that I had in the cupboard. I allowed the sauce and squash to simmer, allowing the sauce to get hot.

Almost done

Almost done

Once everything was good and hot I scooped up some onto a plate and topped with parmesan cheese.

Looking yummy

Looking yummy

I could have served it with pasta, but I choose not to have pasta tonight, and instead paired it with a gluten-free dinner roll, I mean I was going to need something to soak up the extra sauce with. Along with the dinner roll I made a tomato and mozzarella salad, which went perfectly with dinner.

Time to eat

Time to eat

I finished off my meal with a cup of Apple Cider, because it’s fall, I love the stuff, and I need to finish the jar in the fridge.

Hope this Monday has found you in good spirits.





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