Fennel Who Knew

This week in my Bountiful Basket there were 2 fennel bulbs. I wasn’t even sure what they were, and had to ask. I have stayed away from fennel because I’ve heard it tastes like licorice and a licorice fan I am not. But, okay this is what was given to me, guess I’ll be trying fennel this week was my thought.

I came home and began looking on Pinterest for a recipe to make with fennel. Most of them either had you roasting or sautéing it with some spices. Hmmmm, I didn’t think that was quite going to make it work for me.  Then, I found it. A fennel apple gratin.

Now, this is nowhere near a healthy choice, the recipe calls for lots of butter, buttermilk, and parmesan cheese. The only thing healthy is the apple and fennel, and well by the time it’s done being coated in butter, buttermilk, and cheese I’m not even sure you can call the fennel and apple healthy anymore.

I decided to give it a try anyway, using light butter, reduced fat buttermilk and parmesan. I chopped up the fennel and granny smith apples, and went to making the sauce. The recipe calls for a whole cup of parmesan and I found that to be too much. So I did lighten the cheese factor a bit. After whipping up the dish and placing it in the oven within 10 minutes, my kitchen was smelling amazing. After the 30 minutes of bake time I was ready to dive in. There were some delicious smells coming from my kitchen that’s for sure.

I took a serving of the gratin, and prepared myself for the licorice taste. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. There was a bit of a licorice taste, but nothing that made me scrunch up my face and think no way am I eating this. It was actually quite tasty.  Of course this could have to do with the cheesy goodness that it was coated in. Either way I enjoyed it, and will be enjoying leftovers later this week.

You can check out the recipe here.

Let me know if you try it and how you like it.  And, also let me know ways you prepare fennel.

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    • I love Bountiful Basket. I eat fruit and vegetables all day long, and am thinking how I’m going to use the stuff I got in the basket. I’m kind of a bountiful basket junkie, and can’t wait to get my new basket every week. This week I added the 25lb of tomatoes. I’m going to make tomato sauce and salsa. And, we’ll see what we have leftover to make some other things with.

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