It’s Here!!!

I had told my husband that I wanted a treadmill.  I’ve been doing run training 3 times a week, and I’m serious about this exercising thing. As in its quickly become a big part of my life.

Is answer of course is go run outside its free. Thanks Honey, love you too. Here’s the thing I live in Wyoming, and it’s getting cold out, plus soon there will be snow covering the sidewalks and paths, and well who wants to run in that, not this girl that’s for sure. Plus, we factor in my asthma, and well you may find me thawed out in the spring somewhere.

I had been looking at different treadmills and pricing them out. I then found a ton of them that were currently on sale at a big chain department store. I picked out one I liked and kept hinting about it. I was completely prepared to save my pennies until I had enough. 2 days later the husband calls me from the store, with hey only have the one you like in the floor model they can’t get anymore. But, they do have this one, with yada, yada, yada. Now, I’m going to admit I pretty much stopped listening after he said he was looking at the treadmills and was getting one. What!? Okay, sweet, I don’t care get whatever one you want. I just want one.

Well we had some issues with getting the treadmill, and poor customer service, but today it came.  And, oh haven’t hey say some assembly required they weren’t kidding.  After an hour of teamwork we got the thing together. Then I looked at it and said, Holy Cow you got me a way better one than I asked for. His response, I told you I got you a good one.

Thank you Husband, you are one of a kind. Now, I know most women would be like, what! He bought you a treadmill me on the other hand am ecstatic. I also love getting kitchen appliances and cleaning gadgets. I’m weird I know. It’s okay, it makes me, me.

Needless to say I’m pretty excited about continuing my run training now that I can do in a warm environment and also watch some TiVo while doing said exercise.

And, here it is:

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