A Little Help From Apps And AchieveMint

Through this journey that I’ve embarked on, over the last couple of weeks I’ve found apps that have been a lot of fun, motivational, and a way to get me to be more active. Also, along with the apps I’ve found a website that is motivational and rewarding.

First, I want to talk about the website. It’s called AchieveMint, and, you can find it here.   The website pays you for your healthy choices. What! I can be paid to be healthy-minded. Sign me up! Oh wait, I just did. I don’t actually know if they really send you a check, or if it’s a way to get your friends list and types of things you like to do so they can spam you with advertisements. I’ll let you know when I meet the first goal to receive the check. But, hey, I’ll give it a whirl and see if it works. Because, if I’m going to get paid for making healthy choices, healthy choices just became even more of an incentive for me. Making healthy choices is my new mantra, and a fitter, healthier, leaner me is incentive, but some hard cold cash just ups the ante. It works by connecting to apps you already use, in 3 categories. Fitness, routine, and social.  I have not connected any of my social apps except Foursquare. Its fun to see how many points you earn for doing things and tracking things.

Now, let’s talk apps. I’ve been using a lot of them and loving them. Fleetly, which I have mentioned before. Fleetly, allows you to track all of your activity, getting points for each one, working towards fitness levels. You can also compete in challenges, where certain exercises or workouts must be done to qualify towards the challenge. You collect medals for doing exercises, challenges, and reaching goals, and points levels. You can friend people and compete with each other to see who racks up the most points.

Teemo, is the second app that I have fallen in love with. It’s an exercise app, that has you going on adventures. Anything from climbing Everest to sailing the Caribbean. Each adventure has parts to it in which there are exercises that last anywhere from 1-3 minutes. So, you can do this anywhere, anytime. Waiting for the water to boil pound out a couple exercises and move towards your goal. The adventures range from strength, endurance, and lifestyle. Depending on the type of adventure you choose determines the types of exercises that are included on your trip. You can invite your Facebook friends to join you, and then you work together to complete the trip.

Learn 2 Run, is just that an app, designed to make you a runner. There are 5 programs to choose from. 1 mile, 1 mile to 5k, 5k, 5k to 10k, and finally 10k. Depending on your ability there is a program for you. I’m working on the mile I will get a 10 minute mile.

Active Beats, is a pedometer so to speak it tracks your steps and you earn beats, which then in turn become medals. You work towards increasing your rank and level the more steps you take. The only problem is the app has to be running the entire time and well that drains the battery life of your phone. I just started using it and when I’m just doing some walking on the treadmill I’ll turn it on. It’s just something fun and motivating when you get new medals and badges unlocked. I’m all about the “rewards”

Water Habit, is an app I’ve recently started using.  It reminds you to drink water throughout the day, and well I’ve been slacking on the water drinking, especially now with all of this added activity.  You program the app with how many glasses of water you want to drink a day when you wake up and when you go to bed, and then it comes up with a schedule for you to drink a glass of water. Your phone will chime when it’s time to drink a glass throughout the day. A gentle reminder to drink water.

And, lastly FitBit.  I’ve become a FitBit lover.  I love my FitBit, and won’t go to sleep until my daily goals are met. I will walk laps around the coffee table if that means I’ll reach my daily step goal. Fortunately, now I no longer have to do that I can just hop on the treadmill instead.

How about you, anyone using any of these apps or know of some other fun apps to help along this journey?


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