Another Early Morning Workout Day

Today, I had a bunch of stuff going on. I set the alarm for 4:45 this morning so that I could get the workout in before starting my crazy day. Ughhh, 4:45 is way too early, but I did it. I did my kettlebell workout, followed by abs, and then onto yoga. I was done with my workouts by 6. I headed off to nanny, and then came home to finish cleaning, before 15 realtors descended on my house.

I’m not a morning person, although since I’ve started on this journey I’ve become more of one. And, by this I mean if you see me before 10 you can actually talk to me without fear of death. It is however in my best interest to workout as soon as I wake up, therefore I can make no excuses. There are no excuses on this journey only actions, and I’m taking action.

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