String Cheese

My new go to snack is light string cheese. I’ve always liked string cheese, but now it’s become my go to. This fact is for many reasons:

  • It’s easily portable
  • It taste yummy
  • Has only 50 calories
  • Protein, and as a vegetarian this is a great thing I find I don’t always get enough protein in my daily diet
  • And, let’s face it, it’s fun to eat, I can make a string cheese last a good 10 minutes, by peeling and peeling to the thinnest string I can get. And, well after playing with my food for 10 minutes, I’m not going to be looking for something else to eat as soon as I finish the last bite.
  • Who doesn’t like playing with their food from time to time.

String cheese definitely finds its way into my cart on nearly a weekly basis.

How about you any snack that you use as your go to?

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