Weekly Recap 6

This week, was another positive week, even with the added stress of putting the house on the market. I haven’t been as motivated some days, but still met my daily goals.

I’ve made positive choices this week, usually when I’m stressed I eat more than I should and the food choices I make are not the best, but this week I’ve made good choices and haven’t slid into old habits.

And, now for the stats

  • 59,712 steps taken
  • 8,676 daily average steps
  • 19,859 calories burned
  • 2,878 daily average calories burned
  • 26.13 miles
  • 3.81 daily miles average
  • 5 hours and 15 minutes of highly active activity
  • 47 daily average of active minutes
  • Best active day yet, Wednesday with 99 minutes
  • 8,107 weekly calorie deficit
  • 3.8 pounds lost

My steps were down this week, but still exceeded my goals, but the active time is something I’m very proud of. As long as that continues to go up and I reach my daily goals I am happy with the progress I am making.

Today starts week 6 of this journey and I’ve increased my daily goals. 8,000 steps, and 3 miles a day.  Which this shouldn’t be too difficult for me, as I’m already averaging that, but there were definitely days this past week were I didn’t reach those goals, so it will be work on some days.

Here’s to a great week 6, and looking forward to a rewarding week 7.

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