Planning Ahead

This week has a true challenge ahead, not just for me but anyone on weight loss/healthier self journey.  It’s called Thanksgiving, or overindulged till you can’t move and then do it again.  I’m currently trying to plan what I will be eating on this day where we eat way to much, and consume more calories in a day then we normally do all week.

I’ve been doing pretty good with creating a plan, and then sticking to it.  So, I think that is what I will be doing for Thanksgiving this year.  I don’t know what foods will be there other than the ones that I will be bringing.  I’m going over to a friend’s house, as the husband is away for work.  I know there will be turkey, which I won’t eat, vegetarian up in this place.  There also will be a Tofurky, due to vegans joining the party.  Vegans sweet I might be able to eat some food, oh wait throw in no gluten, and I may be in trouble again.  I’m not even sure I can have Tofurky I’ll have to look that up, I’m not sure if that contains gluten or not.

So after being invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Wolfpack house, I immediately went on over to my friend Pinterest and found 3 recipes that I can make gluten-free and vegan.  Score!  I’ll be making a cornbread stuffing, since I love stuffing and will want to devour some, a sweet potato casserole, because who doesn’t love that, and an apple crisp.  I’ll be making those 3 dishes to bring with me, ensuring that not only do I get to eat some of my favorite foods, but there will be something for the vegans as well.  I’m sure that there will be other side dishes that I can eat as well.

But, with the thought of all of the food that will be available for the eating, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked out about it.  I mean I’ve been doing awesome with my food choices and not overindulging, I’m just hoping I can keep it up.  That’s why I am going to make a plan, I know that I will eat the foods that I am bringing and then will budget in calories for other items that may be offered that are something that I can eat.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to the plan, stay within my food goals, and if not well Friday will be another day.

Plus, I’m preparing myself I have 3 more days till the event so I think I can get myself mentally prepared for the day by then.

How about you, how are you planning to avoid the overindulgence that is the holiday and stick with your goals?

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