Kicking Butt And Taking Names Today

Since I’ve started on this new life long journey of mine, Saturdays have always been my Zumba day. I work out hard Monday through Friday, and so on Saturday I still workout hard, but I make sure that it’s got a bit of fun involved. I can’t say enough about Zumba, it really is fun, and I know I’m burning calories along with the fun. It’s an hour of my day that feels nothing like an hour has passed when it’s over. I can’t say that about my other workouts. Trust me an hour of Ballet Beautiful feels like death, an hour on the treadmill gets tedious, all of my countless yoga sessions although great can be exhausting, but Zumba never makes me feel that way. I’m always smiling through it and when it’s over yes I’m a bit tired and ready for something to bring the sugar level back to normal, but I’m usually shocked in that an hour has already passed.

Today, I decided after my normal hour Zumba session, that I’d give this 30 minute Zumba workout a try. What was the worse that could happen, I’d have to stop part way through.  30 more minutes of activity wasn’t going to kill me and if I burn a few more calories in the meantime all the better. Well, I survived the extra 30 minutes and had a blast while doing it. I of course was completely shocked when my wrist with my Fitbit on it started vibrating only 10 minutes into the 30 minute session.  Holy Crow! I’ve been up for all of 2 hours and I’ve already reached my daily step goal. SCORE! I call that amazing. I finished the 30 minute session and still was wearing a smile after. So, let’s recap an extra 30 minutes of cardio, step goal met, calories burned, and still smiling.  I’m going to say this little experiment was a success. I think I may have to repeat this double dose of Zumba again.

It’s just noon here in Wyoming and I’m already over 8,000 steps. Today, I think just may be the day that I get that elusive 15,000 step badge from Fitbit. See later on today is the holiday parade, and I already was planning on going. But, now I’m thinking I’ll head down earlier, park a decent amount away from the festivities, do a lap or 2 around town, and then find my spot for optimal parade viewing. It’s a plan, and I’ll stick with it, and if I don’t reach the goal by the end of the parade my treadmill is waiting here at home for me. I’m getting 15,000 steps today! I’ve decided I want it and today is the day to get it.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

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