Day 2 And It’s Wearing On Me

Today, is the second day in a row that I’ve gotten up at 5 and worked out. And, well I’d like to say it was easier than yesterday but that is far from the case. I’m not a morning person, and I’m exhausted. This early morning stuff is for the birds. To all of you who do this on a regular basis all I have to say is WOW! Good for you, this girl can not do it unless I absolutely have to.

I will say that I am proud of myself for doing it though, because today there was nothing stopping me from sleeping in a little later and then working out once I got home from the morning nanny shift. It did feel great to have my workout complete by 6 am and more than half way to my daily step goal.  Now of course I’m exhausted and I won’t lie I came home and took a nap today, I could barely keep my eyes open to drive home. But, at least the workouts were done and nothing pressing was needing to get done this morning so a little nap was ok.

I’m hoping today is the last day this week I’ll have to get up early, but if not I know tomorrow is that last day, and I can push through one more day. After all it is a journey of sorts and there will be all sorts of rough and tough spots along the way.

Another Early Morning Workout Day

Today, I had a bunch of stuff going on. I set the alarm for 4:45 this morning so that I could get the workout in before starting my crazy day. Ughhh, 4:45 is way too early, but I did it. I did my kettlebell workout, followed by abs, and then onto yoga. I was done with my workouts by 6. I headed off to nanny, and then came home to finish cleaning, before 15 realtors descended on my house.

I’m not a morning person, although since I’ve started on this journey I’ve become more of one. And, by this I mean if you see me before 10 you can actually talk to me without fear of death. It is however in my best interest to workout as soon as I wake up, therefore I can make no excuses. There are no excuses on this journey only actions, and I’m taking action.

Weekly Recap 5

I had a great week. I upped my daily step goal to 7,000, and even managed to stay on track while traveling and being in a car for 10 hours over 2 days. It’s all about making a plan and sticking to it. Following through on your intentions and striving to meet your goals, and this week I definitely committed to that. I am extremely happy with my week.

  • 62,213 total steps
  • 8,876 daily average steps
  • 20,211 calories burned
  • 2,938 daily average calories burned
  • 27.21 miles walked
  • 3.89 miles daily average
  • 4 hours and 43 minutes of highly active activity
  • 40 minutes daily average of highly active activity
  • 7,966 calorie deficit
  • 1.6 pounds lost

The stat on that list that I’m most excited about is the active minutes. I’m averaging 40 minutes a day, and I don’t even realize half the time the effort I’m putting out. I’m enjoying the exercises that I am doing, and am looking forward to them. Exercise is becoming something I no longer dread. I love this whole being active thing I’ve started to develop.

Go Picnic

The last 2 days resulted in 10 hours in a car. Not that great for being active, but I made a plan and stuck with it.  I’m happy to say that both yesterday and today I reached my daily step goal, along with getting my planned workouts in. It’s all about making time for them.

Anyone, that has driven long distances in a car knows that road stops are rarely nutritious. It’s even harder for me to find a healthy alternative to the chips and candy offered at the gas station/convienance stores along the highway. I’m first a vegetarian and second I can’t have gluten. Yeah, what the heck am I supposed to eat from a gas station.  Ok, if we are being truly honest there is nothing at a gas station that anyone should eat, but you make due with what’s available.

One of the grocery stores we have here in Wyoming has these great boxed meals.  They are called Go Picnic. And, well I’m in love with them. They offer all different boxes, and lucky me they even have gluten-free ones. They offer several different snacks in the box that are all healthy, and they throw in a treat as well. Today, on the drive I had one of these boxes, and it’s more than enough to fill me up. I actually ate more as individual snacks than a meal, since I tend to snack on car rides rather than stop and eat an actual meal. I just like to get where I am going, and stopping to eat just isn’t really on my agenda. The Go picnic box I had included crackers and sunbutter, a trail mix that was seeds! dried fruit and mini chocolate chips, a fruit strip, think fruit roll up type thing! and chocolate chip cookies. Everything was delicious and gluten-free. The entire box was 490 calories, and well the food I ate was more nutritionally sound than the bag of Doritos I would have grabbed at the gas station.

I’m super excited about finding these little gems, I can store them in my car and will have a snack or full meal at the ready. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the price, but I have found them on Amazon at a bit cheaper price. Plus I can order a variety pack, and get a few of each of the different flavors. I see an Amazon Prime order in my near future.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, and sticking to your plan.

Making A Plan And Sticking To It

Today, and tomorrow for that matter were my first real challenge to sticking to my plan. Today and tomorrow I will be in the car for 5 hours, which isn’t to great for getting my daily steps in or my workouts.

Knowing this would be the case, I set my alarm for earlier this morning then I had to get up so that I could get my run workout it.  After completing that I decided to forgo my half hour of yoga to do another 20 minutes on the treadmill, working towards my daily steps. My thought was this, that I can do a yoga session in the hotel before going to bed easier than I can get 2 miles of walking in.

And, well this plan worked perfectly for me. I actually was able to reach my step goal before even getting in the car for the 5 hour drive. Success! While making the drive I charged my Fitbit since it was getting in need of a charge, and well I wasn’t moving.  I’m not going to lie I kinda freak out when it’s time to charge the Fitbit, I really like tracking my activity and when it’s not on I feel almost naked. Anyway, the Fitbit charged I drove 5 hours, and after meeting up with friends for dinner, I came back to the hotel and busted out a 20 minute yoga session. So today, my friends was a success. I had a plan and I stuck with it. And, really it wasn’t that hard to do so, just a little commitment from myself and I was able to achieve my goals for the day.

Tomorrow, will be a little tougher, but again I have a plan, and that plan is to do my 5 hour drive, and once reaching my destination, I plan on doing an hour of Zumba followed up with some treadmill time. I’ve got the plan, now I just need to stick to it.

How about you, do you find it easier to stick to your routine if you make a plan beforehand?

A Little Help From Apps And AchieveMint

Through this journey that I’ve embarked on, over the last couple of weeks I’ve found apps that have been a lot of fun, motivational, and a way to get me to be more active. Also, along with the apps I’ve found a website that is motivational and rewarding.

First, I want to talk about the website. It’s called AchieveMint, and, you can find it here.   The website pays you for your healthy choices. What! I can be paid to be healthy-minded. Sign me up! Oh wait, I just did. I don’t actually know if they really send you a check, or if it’s a way to get your friends list and types of things you like to do so they can spam you with advertisements. I’ll let you know when I meet the first goal to receive the check. But, hey, I’ll give it a whirl and see if it works. Because, if I’m going to get paid for making healthy choices, healthy choices just became even more of an incentive for me. Making healthy choices is my new mantra, and a fitter, healthier, leaner me is incentive, but some hard cold cash just ups the ante. It works by connecting to apps you already use, in 3 categories. Fitness, routine, and social.  I have not connected any of my social apps except Foursquare. Its fun to see how many points you earn for doing things and tracking things.

Now, let’s talk apps. I’ve been using a lot of them and loving them. Fleetly, which I have mentioned before. Fleetly, allows you to track all of your activity, getting points for each one, working towards fitness levels. You can also compete in challenges, where certain exercises or workouts must be done to qualify towards the challenge. You collect medals for doing exercises, challenges, and reaching goals, and points levels. You can friend people and compete with each other to see who racks up the most points.

Teemo, is the second app that I have fallen in love with. It’s an exercise app, that has you going on adventures. Anything from climbing Everest to sailing the Caribbean. Each adventure has parts to it in which there are exercises that last anywhere from 1-3 minutes. So, you can do this anywhere, anytime. Waiting for the water to boil pound out a couple exercises and move towards your goal. The adventures range from strength, endurance, and lifestyle. Depending on the type of adventure you choose determines the types of exercises that are included on your trip. You can invite your Facebook friends to join you, and then you work together to complete the trip.

Learn 2 Run, is just that an app, designed to make you a runner. There are 5 programs to choose from. 1 mile, 1 mile to 5k, 5k, 5k to 10k, and finally 10k. Depending on your ability there is a program for you. I’m working on the mile I will get a 10 minute mile.

Active Beats, is a pedometer so to speak it tracks your steps and you earn beats, which then in turn become medals. You work towards increasing your rank and level the more steps you take. The only problem is the app has to be running the entire time and well that drains the battery life of your phone. I just started using it and when I’m just doing some walking on the treadmill I’ll turn it on. It’s just something fun and motivating when you get new medals and badges unlocked. I’m all about the “rewards”

Water Habit, is an app I’ve recently started using.  It reminds you to drink water throughout the day, and well I’ve been slacking on the water drinking, especially now with all of this added activity.  You program the app with how many glasses of water you want to drink a day when you wake up and when you go to bed, and then it comes up with a schedule for you to drink a glass of water. Your phone will chime when it’s time to drink a glass throughout the day. A gentle reminder to drink water.

And, lastly FitBit.  I’ve become a FitBit lover.  I love my FitBit, and won’t go to sleep until my daily goals are met. I will walk laps around the coffee table if that means I’ll reach my daily step goal. Fortunately, now I no longer have to do that I can just hop on the treadmill instead.

How about you, anyone using any of these apps or know of some other fun apps to help along this journey?

Much Better Day

Today’s workout makes yesterday nothing but a little piece of the past. I kicked butt at them today! My run training went great I think I could up the speed for the running portion, although I’m hesitant to do so because I don’t want to get discouraged. I want to get to that point where I can run for 10 minutes straight, and as for it being a mile in 10 I’ll start working towards that after I get this pesky 10 minutes straight thing down.

Today, I also did a yoga workout that incorporated precision toning and dance. It was great, I’ve done it 5 times now, and today it came together for me. I was able to do the moves and flow them together smoothly along with doing correct breathing.

So as for yesterday’s crappy performance it can kiss it, because today I rocked it! I know that I can’t dwell on the crappy days, and remain positive. And, well I have been giving myself that positive encouragement, and moving past the bad.  Positive is the only way to be on this journey.

Trying To Find The Motivation

I woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted and unmotivated. I was so unmotivated that I didn’t get up and moving until extremely late. However, once I drug myself out of bed I did do my daily workouts. Unfortunately, I’m a bit angry with myself because I know that I did not do them at a 100%. If I’m being completely honest with myself, and well part of the reason I started this blog was to be completely honest with myself on this journey, I completely half assed the workouts. So, I’m feeling a little guilty about it, but I did get up and move and I know that I am going to have bad days, and today for workouts it’s been a not so great day. Tomorrow is another day, and I will not half ass the work.

I have been behind on my daily steps today, between getting up late, and being in the kitchen cooking there wasn’t a lot of walking going on. I did make amends for that and hit the treadmill for 45 minutes. I walked at my normal pace, and enjoyed being active for a while.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m motivated to kick some serious butt! Even if I’m not I’m going to anyway.

Weekly Recap 4

Yesterday, I didn’t do my weekly recap, because it was a big day, it marked the end of my first month on this journey.

I thought I’d go over my results from this past week. It was another week where things went well, even though I faced a few challenges. I wasn’t feeling completely motivated on some days, and had to overcome a slight weight gain, although there was a reason behind the slight gain.

I overcame the small obstacles, and powered through the week, and had a successful week. Any week that I stay committed to this new lifestyle is a success.

Here are last weeks stats:

  • 56,464 total steps
  • 7,547 daily average
  • 20,131 calories burned
  • 2,923 daily average calories burned
  • 24.69 miles walked
  • 3.31 daily average miles walked
  • 3 hours 21 minutes of very active activity
  • 27 minutes daily average of very active minutes
  • 8,043 calorie deficit
  • 1.6 pounds lost

Some of these numbers are lower than last week, but still above the goals I had set for myself for the week. I love the fact that I’m finding ways to become more active in my daily life along with incorporating daily workouts into my day.