Weekly Recap 7

I’m going to put week 7 down as another success. I made it through Thanksgiving without overdoing it on all the delicious food, was able to run for 10 minutes straight, and earned my 15,000 steps in one day with Fitbit. All of these things may seem little to some, but to me they are huge achievements. Usually at Thanksgiving I eat till I can’t move, this year though I made choices and a plan and stuck with it, and was still able to enjoy all of my favorite holiday eats. The thought of running for 10 minutes straight was something that I never thought I’d be able to do, but I did it, and it wasn’t that hard, work, training, and determination can go a long way.  Walking 15,000 steps in a day is pretty impressive.  I walked over 6 miles to get those steps and it wasn’t like I spent the day on the treadmill or anything it was doing activities and being active that got me there. So this week has been a success

And, now for the numbers:

  • 73,001 steps taken
  • 9,600 average daily steps
  • 15,401 steps in one day
  • 20,330 calories burned
  • 2,917 daily average calories burned
  • 31.93 miles walked
  • 4.21 daily average miles
  • 6 hours and 5 minutes of active activity
  • 46 minutes daily average active minutes
  • 8,466 weekly calorie deficit
  • .2 pounds lost

The number on the scale didn’t go down as much as I would have liked to have seen, but it went down. I’m not going to let the number discourage me.  I had a near 4 pound loss last week, I had many successes this week that wouldn’t register on the scale anyway, and I’m at that time of the month when I gain nearly 2 pounds. I’m sure that next week I’ll see more results on the scale.

And, now onto Week 8 and a slew of new achievements and accomplishments.


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