Picking Up Speed

Friday, marked the end of my Learn 2 Run mile program. Today, marked the beginning of round 2 of this training program. I’m now working towards increasing my speed. Since I know I can run for 10 minutes without stopping, now it’s time to increase the speed.

I started the program over at week 4, and increased my run speed by 0.5mph. Not a lot by any means, but i definitely noticed the increase in speed. The longest run period in this workout was 90 seconds, so nothing I couldn’t handle, I’m sure I could have increased the speed higher, but each day more time is added and well I want to succeed at this.  Also, the only person I need to impress with my speed is me.  My only competition is myself. If it takes me the next 6 months to reach that 10 minute mile, then so be it. I have time. There is nothing saying that I need to be able to do it tomorrow. And, as the old fable goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

I am happy to say over the last 7 weeks I’ve come to look forward to my run workout days, and believe me that is something I never thought I’d say. It’s no longer something I dread, it’s fun, and I like pushing myself. A runner I am.


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