It’s Time To Zumba

I’ve been doing Zumba for a while here and there.  I’ve been doing with the help of YouTube. I haven’t actually been to a class. I mean why would I when there are some great videos on YouTube for free. I shared the one that I usually do a while back, and I’ll share the link for you again in case you missed it. Hull College Zumba. It’s a fun workout that’s 50 minutes long, and gets the heart a beating. The thing I really like about it is that the person doing the class gives a quick break down of the steps that you will be doing in each dance. So, you kind of know what you are doing.

Last week after finishing the Hull Zumba there were recommended videos.  Well on a whim I decided why not do a bit more. And, well let me tell you this girl is insane. I was exhausted after doing Zumba with her for maybe 5 minutes. She has several videos posted on YouTube and the longest being about 35 minutes. The entire time you are moving, and I mean moving. There is no resting or slow songs in her arsenal, well unless it’s the cool down. I am definitely huffing a bit after finishing a video of hers. But, I love it.  I mean that’s why I’m doing it.  I want the cardio and fat burning benefits of a workout. The only thing I don’t like about these videos is there is no introduction of the moves. She just goes, so I had to just jump in and pick them up as we went.  It’s still a ton of fun and I look forward to doing more of her insane Zumba videos. You can check out her videos here.  That link will bring you to one of her videos or you can follow her at Linda Edler. She’s pretty rocking when it comes to getting you up and moving.

How about you have you found any videos on YouTube that you enjoy working out too?

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