Week 8 Recap

I know this recap is a day late, but I wanted to recap my second month on this journey. I’ll be interested to see what I think of these recaps in a few months. I think that I’ll be amazed by how far I’ve come and the things that I’ve accomplished along the way.

Week 8 was rough, I’ve been feeling under the weather and therefore not very motivated to get up and move. And, well today I went to the doctor and I have an Upper Respiratory¬†Infection. This news actually shocked me, because usually when I’m down with a respiratory infection I’m living on my inhaler and breathing treatments. So far so good I haven’t needed either. Maybe it’s the exercise that I’ve been doing and have continued to do even though I feel pretty lousy, either that or it’s just starting. But, either way I got some meds to hopefully clear it up, and I’ll be feeling better in no time.

Anyway, here’s the stats from Week 8

  • 64,497 steps
  • 9,213 daily avg steps
  • 19,856 calories burned
  • 2,837 daily avg calories burned
  • 28.03 miles
  • 4 miles daily avg
  • 5 hours 35 minutes very active – hey I’ll take that since I haven’t felt like being too active lately
  • 48 minutes daily avg very active
  • 9,212 week calorie deficit
  • 2.8 pounds lost

So the numbers this week weren’t as impressive as last, but I met all of my goals and didn’t let not feeling 100% push me off course.


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