Cookies Galore

This week I’ve made my annual batch of Christmas Sugar Cookies. It’s basically a 3 day process, day 1 make the dough, day 2 roll out, cut out, and bake, and then finally day 3 where they get decorated. Well today is day 2 and I’ve just rolled, cut out, and baked about 7 dozen cookies.

Now normally this would not be good and for the healthy lifestyle that I’ve adopted. However, I’ve got those yummy delicious cookies that are taunting me beat. They aren’t gluten-free. I made them with regular flour, so therefore this girl can’t eat them. And, trust me it’s a test of my willpower. Having those little pieces of dough leftover, how easy it would be to pop in my mouth, or how good those few broken cookies would taste. But, alas, they will just make me sick. And, I’ve been so good about the whole staying away from gluten, I have energy again, I’m no longer swelling up like an overstuffed sausage, and the stomach cramps are gone. So, I’ll be staying away from those delicious pieces of yumminess.

Of course next week I do plan on making myself a batch of cookies that are completely gluten-free. I’ll be sticking to a single batch, and freezing the finished product, so that I wont be tempted to sit down and eat them all at once.

Ah, oy, yes little cookies I’ve got you beat.


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