Week 10 Recap

So, this past week had found me completely unmotivated to do anything. Workout, wasn’t really interested, but I still did it, but definitely not to my best ability. Get more than my daily minimum step goal, yeah definitely wasn’t interested in that, I found myself getting on the treadmill at 8,9, 10 o’clock at night just to get them in. Eating, yeah I really couldn’t even be bothered with that much either. As you can see a week completely lacking in wanting to do anything.

I’m hoping that I’m starting to get back on track, today’s been a good day.

Even with the crappy, unmotivated feelings I’ve been having I did have a positive week, in that when I finally did get up and move I was doing it for nearly an hour every day, and I wasn’t too interested in eating, but I still made healthy choices.

And, ad, now for the weekly stats:

  • 74,219 total steps
  • 10,189 daily step average
  • 19,965 calories burned
  • 2,864 daily average calories burned
  • 32.44 miles
  • 4.46 daily mile average
  • 7 hours 39 minutes of very active activity
  • 64 minutes daily average of very active minutes
  • 9,089 weekly calorie deficit
  • 2.8 pounds lost
  • With the 2.8 pounds lost it brings my total weight loss to 21 pounds in 10 weeks. I’ll take it 🙂

Even though the last week has left me feeling kinda crappy about how things have gone, I’m excited to see my results, and that I’m sticking to the commitment I made to myself. And, here’s to a great week 11.

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