Fitbit, My Motivation

I’ve added some more friends to my Fitbit, and well it’s been a help in getting me moving.

My ability to get out of bed is still a bit poor, but I am still doing all of the exercise I’ve scheduled for myself. Anyway, with the new friends I’ve added nearly every day I look and I’m no longer number one. Well, I can’t have that. Did I mention I’m a bit competitive, okay a lot competitive. As in I don’t lose. And, I get really  angry with myself when I do.

So, needless to say I’m moving quite a bit more. Yesterday, I did 15,000 steps just so I could slip into that number 1 spot. I may have to add more steps today to keep my lead. Yeah, I’m way to competitive.

Thank you Fitbit for the motivation to get up and move, and to those on my friends list that are pushing me forward.

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