It’s Getting Harder

I’ve been working on my run training diligently for the past 11 weeks, and well today I wanted to die.

I did the entire mile training program once before, but have since started it over in an attempt to get to that elusive 10 minute mile I’m chasing. Today, was the last day in week 3’s training. And, for week 3 I only run a total of 3 minutes. Not a lot by any means, but when running at 6mph, which is like a sprint for me right now it can be a lot. Especially, when it’s broken up into 2, 15 second bursts and 2,  75 second bursts.  The 15 second bursts I’ve got down those don’t phase me at all.  However, the 75 second bursts were awful. I ended up needing to hold on to the treadmill in order to make it through the entire time, and well after I was done I was definitely sucking wind, not to mention the tightness I felt in my chest. I’m a bit nervous because next week it’ll be 2 minutes straight of running and if I feel this way after 75 seconds how on earth am I going to be able to do it?

I am impressed with myself that I was able to pound it out and accomplish the run part today, but I know every day from here on out is just going to get harder, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to only spend one week on a training. I may be repeating some weeks to build up my stamina even more than the program creates. It’s ok if that’s what I need to do though, because the only person I am doing this for is me, and there is no timeline on completing this goal.

Even, with the run being difficult, after the training session was complete I did another 7 minutes of running at my normal speed, basically the fat man’s jog speed, but at least I’m doing it. So, even after being exhausted and a bit discouraged because of how hard I felt it was I did more and ran for a total of 10 minutes today. Which is a good thing. I just need to keep pushing, and working at it, and I know that it will get easier over time.

Happy running to all you runners out there.

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