Really! Again

So, it’s snowing here in Wyoming again.  I know what you’re thinking, well it is winter, and you do live in Wyoming, so this shouldn’t really surprise you. True, and right on all accounts. I just would like to have a whole week where I don’t have to shovel, wrestle the snowblower, and chisel my car out of a deep freeze. Just one week that’s all I’m asking. It’s already been a long winter, and it just officially started. Although, here in Wyoming winter graced us with her prescience in September. So see long winter already. I’ve endured months of it already.

The good thing about the snow is it does provide a great workout, but still I want to enjoy nice walks outside, and not have to wear my boots everywhere. I have lots of cute shoes and they are being seriously neglected right now.

The snow also does help my skiing habit a bit. I think next weekend I’ll be hitting the slopes for a few turns.

How’s the snow removal going in your neck of the woods.

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