Weekly Recap 11

I just finished week 11. Crazy, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that I started on this journey, but I’m now starting on my finally week of month 3.

My motivation has returned for the most part this week, but I’m not doing things and accomplishing them as early in the day as I would like. I think I’m going to have to start setting an alarm again and just getting up when it goes off. On days when I do need to get up and get going, I do and I’m just a lot more satisfied and happier with myself when I get things out-of-the-way earlier.

Even though I’ve found myself getting going later and later in the day I’ve had a great week when it comes to moving, and well that has a lot to do with my friends on Fitbit. I’ not going to lose that top spot so if that means I need to walk 15,000 steps today to take over the leaderboard than I will.

  • 82,887 steps
  • 11,585 daily average steps
  • 15,156 steps in a day
  • 20,323 calories burned
  • 2,966 daily average calories burned
  • 3,204 calories burned in a day
  • 36.37 miles
  • 5.09 miles daily average
  • 9 hours and 48 minutes of very active activity
  • 81 minutes daily average of active activity
  • 2 hours 28 minutes of very active activity in one day
  • 7,654 calorie deficit
  • lost 0.8 pounds

Wasn’t a huge weight loss this week and I’m a little bummed about it, but it is also that time of the month where I normally gain weight so, nearly a pound lost is something I’ll take.

When I had started this journey 11 weeks ago I had set a goal weight for myself for January 1st and although I’m not going to make it, I still need to lose another 7.2 pounds I’m okay with that. It was a bit ambitious it was 29 pounds in 11.5 weeks, and no that’s not something that isn’t obtainable, but it was a lot. I’m actually happier with not reaching the goal, because I know that I am losing weight at a healthy rate. I’m averaging about 2 pounds a week which is within healthy standards, and I don’t want to do this the unhealthy way. So I’ve set myself a new goal which is 7 weeks away which is also my cousin’s wedding. And, I’ve added a bit to the current goal that was to expire on the first, and we will see if I reach that goal. I know that I will reach my first weight loss goal, it’s just not going to happen on the first and that’s ok. Because well I’ve accomplished a lot of goals on this journey already.

I’m excited to see what my results will be for week 12.

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