I finally found them in Wyoming, and it’s no secret I’m ecstatic about it.

That’s right I got the Fitbit, 3 pack for my flex. I’m pretty excited about which band I’ll wear tomorrow. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Now all I need to do is order my pink, lime green, and slate band from fitbit and I’ll have them all. Watch out world I’m coming at you in color now.

I absolutely love my fitbit and all of the motivation I get from it. Who knew a little device like this could change my life, but it has. Yes, I’m the one who made the choices to change my lifestyle, and I’m the one doing the hard work, but the fitbit has kept me motivated and striving for new goals. Also the encouragement I have gotten from other fitbitters has been amazing. It truly is a remarkable tool to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. If you don’t have one I highly recommend them. But, be warned you will become addicted. But, hey this is an addiction I’ll gladly have.

Happy moving!

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