No Room For Excuses

My husband is home off the road finally. Not that he will be home for long, but hey a week is better than nothing.

Anyway, I’m with him being home, and trying to get things done around the house my work out schedule has been thrown off a bit.

This morning we had errands to run, and combine that with sleeping a little later than I should have made it impossible for me to get my 90 minutes of working out in. So, I decided that I’d do my 30 minute cross training program, and fit my 40 minute aerobics in later in the day. And, as for my yoga well I could do that before bed. As the day went on I wasn’t really to keen on doing any of the rest of my planned workouts but I knew I had too. No excuses!

Things worked out because the husband ended up needing to do something for work for a couple of hours and I went right into workout mode. I didn’t even think about not doing it. I guess working out has officially become a habit for me! Guess what, I love that fact.

There will be no excuses coming from me as to why I can’t work out. There is always time to do it.

I might just be addicted to working out and exercise. And, again I’m ok with this.

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