Rolling With The Punches

Today, was another day where I had to adjust my workout schedule. And, guess what it’s ok, I survived. It wasn’t much of an adjustment that had to be made, but still it was a deviation from my original plan. I’ve been doing my mile run training, which lasts about 20 minutes, and then add another 20 minutes of walking on top of that. Today I had to cut it to only 10 extra minutes because of an appointment and I thought I’d be nice and make the husband breakfast. So, it was either 10 minutes short on the treadmill or no breakfast for the husband. I made the sacrifice and made him breakfast. Plus, he’s home so little it’s nice to do little things for him. Now, if he was home every day, he’d be making his own damn breakfast.

I am actually enjoying my workout sessions and yes, there are lots of times when I drag ass and try to put off doing them, but I find once I start them I’m good to go. It’s just that let’s start moment that is sometimes difficult. But, I always start and that’s what counts. I’m also really happy to see myself sticking with it even when life causes me to change my initial plans a bit.  3 months ago it would have been just the excuse I needed to not do a workout. Now, I roll with the change and adjust as needed. Exercise is definitely becoming a BIG habit for me.


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