Not A Good Day

Today, was a rough one for me.  I had to get up at 4:30 to take the husband to the airport. Of course upon waking up I was delighted, can you here the sarcasm in that, to see that we had 5 inches of fresh snow and it was still falling. Ughhhh! Not what I want to deal with at 4:30, I don’t even want to be up at 4:30 yet alone dealing with snow.

Anyway, cleaned off the car, got the husband on his flight, and then headed over to work. I had to nanny today, so there was no sense in going home. Besides, if I went home I was just going to go to sleep and I’d never make it to work on time. I managed to keep myself awake, and get the kids up, ready, and dropped off to school on time. I then promptly came home and passed out.

I’ve been doing fairly well with coming home and working out, but it was not happening today. I was exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open to drive home. Along with being exhausted my stomach has not been feeling that great today, so that didn’t help matters any either.

I slept longer than I had planned, and then it was a bit of a push to get myself to workout. Of course once I start them I finish them and don’t hate it. It was the initial starting that caused me problems today, but I did it. Of course with the sleeping longer than I had planned I had to shorten my aerobic workout by 10 minutes, but I still got a good sweat on and workout in.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I wake up not nearly as exhausted as I was today and kick butt with my workouts and that my day is productive, because I didn’t get a thing that needed to be done today.


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  1. There is something to be said for a person who has the will to work out when he or she does not feel like it! It’s easy to work out when you have extra energy and nothing else to do that day, but this shows TRUE strength. =] Good job!

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