Some Yummy Goodness

I take part in Bountiful Basket, and this past week I found myself adding the Italian Veggie Pack to my normal order. I know that when I do this I’ll be getting some squash and eggplant, some of my favorite foods.

I decided to make a veggie lasagna tonight for dinner.  I cut the squash and eggplant into thin strips and used them as my noodles.  I also got to try out some of my homemade tomato sauce, as in I made it from tomatoes from scratch. Again, this was thanks to Bountiful Basket and a great price on 25 pounds of tomatoes.

Yes, that’s right folks, I made tomato sauce from tomatoes and learned how to can this past fall. And, it’s pretty cool, but wow what a long process.  But, I will say this the sauce was amaze-balls, and if we weren’t in the process of packing and getting ready to move I might be tempted to buy more tomatoes and make more sauce, but we are moving, and I really don’t need to create more stuff for me to pack and take along with us. But, seriously the sauce was DELICIOUS!

So, I got to use some of my homemade sauce and vegetable noodles, so to speak, and mixed up some fat-free ricotta, part skim mozzarella, and a little parmesan cheese for the filling, and well it was some mighty fine and tasty lasagna if I do say so myself. As, for the nutritional value well I can’t complain too much about that either. Best part is there is several meals leftover, that will be heading into the freezer for me to take out at a moments notice to eat whenever the mood strikes me.  Clearly, the mood will have to strike me before we move.

For the husband, since he won’t touch eggplant, I made him Chicken Parm.  But, since he’s eating Paleo, we skipped the breading of the chicken and the frying it.  I used some olive oil to brush on the chicken breast and sprinkled some Italian seasonings on it, and grilled it up. Have I told you about my stove top? It’s made by Jenn-Air and is amazing.  I think it’s from 1970, but who cares. I want to take it with us, my us and says NO! Anyway, this stove top can be changed up.  There are 2 glass cooktop plates with 2 burners each, there is also a griddle, and a grill top. So that’s right folks while I was prepping my veggie lasagna, I was grilling the husband’s chicken in my kitchen on my stove top. Come on, you know you want my stove top now too.  Anyway, he had grilled chicken I put it in the pan with some sauce and topped it with mozzarella and let it bake till it was all hot, bubbly, and complete goodness.

Along with this we had caesar salad, and our appetizer earlier in the evening was bruschetta. Did, I mention I had made that with the tomatoes we had gotten earlier in the fall and canned it as well.  It was another delicious homemade item.  So, yes it was a full on Italian dinner in my house, and it was made even healthier just by making a few slight changes.

Happy Friday!

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