Week 14 Recap

So this week has been something. This week brought me my highest step day ever, and also some really lazy feeling days. But, I’ve gotten through it. I may have not wanted to get up and do my workouts, but I did do them, and I met my goals. So, it was a successful week. I don’t know if I had a weight loss or gain this week since I’ve been out of town and am at a hotel there is no scale, and I refuse to bring one with me on a weekend away. So my stats will be missing that, but tomorrow I’ll hop on the scale and see how I did.

And, now for the stats:

  • 88,445 total steps
  • 20,243 steps in one day
  • 12,996 daily average steps
  • 21,120 calories burned
  • 3,104 daily average calories burned
  • 7 hours very active
  • 63 minutes daily average very active
  • 8,931 calorie deficit

Even with several days feeling the lack of motivation I did alright. Now to figure out how I’ll get my steps, and workouts in with a 5 hour car ride. I’ll do it somehow.

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