Today, I’m going to introduce you to a little website called Walkadoo.

Walkadoo is a fun little website that helps motivate you to get up and start walking. There are no rewards and it’s not really a competition with others, well it can be, but I’ll get to that later. Really the website is motivation and a push for your own competitiveness.

Every day you are issued a card, and there are 3 different types of card. On the card is a number of steps you need to achieve for the day and a points value to go with it. A normal card will give you a step amount and point value, if you don’t make your step goal it’s okay, you’ll still receive some points. If you get an All Or Nothing card, you must get the number of steps or no points are awarded. Finally the last card is an Unlimited card, and well there is no step goal or set point value. The more you step the higher your awarded points will be.

Walkadoo, this week has been a real motivator for me. I’ve kind of have been blah about doing anything. I mean I am sure to get my goal of 10,000 steps in every day, but that’s just the minimum goal, doing more is always better. And, well Walkadoo has been throwing me 11,000-13,000 step cards all week. And, well me I can’t, not rise to the challenge. So it’s definitely been a motivating factor for me. Also, when you keep a streak going you get extra points and badges, and well I like extra points and getting badges, plus points are what lift you to the next level, and I’m all about being at a higher level than the next guy. Yes, I am competitive.

Now, you aren’t competing against others unless you are in a Derby. There are 2 types of Derbys, points and steps. My first Derby I was in was a points Derby, and unfortunately you don’t have a lot of control over how well you do in that. It’s all luck of the draw and how many points your cards are worth.  I came in 3rd. Yeah, you know I was not happy with that. My second Derby starts on Monday I believe, and that’s a step Derby. So watch out world I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of steps. I really want first. Not that you get anything for it, except I can say I was first.

The website links with your device to get your steps. I am not sure what devices it links with other than fitbit, because well I have a fitbit. But, if you’re looking for a little extra push check out Walkadoo.  It’s been fun, and I’ve only been on it for a few weeks. But, I can assure you I’ve reached every step goal because it’s a challenge and I’m not going to fail at that.


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