Month 4 Recap

Today starts my 5th month since I decided to make a change in my life. A change to be healthier, fitter, leaner, and more active. I can’t believe 4 months have sailed by already, and yet it also seems like a lifetime ago that I decided to make a change.

This past month has seen lots of challenges for me. My husband was home for some of the month which caused for some changes and adjustments in my workout routine, I went away for the weekend which again caused some adjustments to my plans, and of course I’ve been battling a respiratory infection that seems to want to hold on. Even, with these situations coming up,I’ve been able to keep going, and making sure to get my workouts in even if they had to change from what was originally planned, and I’m continuing to make healthier food choices.

This past month I’ve lost another 5 inches, which brings my total inches lost 21.  That’s pretty awesome, I’m down 2 pants sizes, and everything is definitely fitting me better. This month the number on the scale hasn’t really moved much, which is a bit discouraging, but I know I’m getting leaner because I’m still losing inches. I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds over the last 4 months, which is nothing to be upset about. That’s a lot of weight, and I know that I didn’t put the weight on over night so it’s not going to come off over night.  I need to be patient, not lose focus, and keep working. The weight will come off it’s just going to take time and hard work, both are something I have and can do.

I’ve made it through 4 months and know that I have a lifetime in me.

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