Thank You Walkadoo

The other day I told you all about Walkadoo, and well today I received the elusive Unlimited Card. With the Unlimited Card, you get a point for every 40 steps you take. Well game on and challenge accepted.

Add in the fact that I am taking part in a step derby, and currently in third place it gave me all the more reason to step it up. And, step it up I did. I received 2 fitbit badges today.

The first badge:

Yeah, that’s right I took 25,000 steps today. They were done before 6pm. Yeah, I have been moving a lot today. Two hours on the treadmill split into 2, 1 hour sessions, and a 1 hour Leslie Sansone video. Oh, and then there was the walking around the grocery store and what not.

And, finally I’ve reached this badge:

What! 30,000 steps. Yeah, my legs are already feeling it, but hey I’m rocking this thing. And, I’ve got over 100,000 steps in the last 7 days. That’s insane. Of course this will not be an everyday kind of thing, but thanks to Walkadoo, it was a thing for today.

The next badge levels are 35,000 and 40,000. I’m not sure when, but I’ll be working towards them sometime soon.



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