Challenges Are Motivation

The weather here has been anything but motivating me to exercise and be active. Luckily I’ve found and thanks to getting challenged by people daily I’ve been getting active. Of course it’s usually about 8pm or so when I go I got to get my butt moving to at least complete the challenge let alone win it.
Plus, these challenges that are a month long have made me raise my daily step goal by 5,000 steps so now I’m walking 15,000 steps a day instead of the 10,000 that I was kind of just hanging out at. Along with month long challenges I keep getting challenged to daily and weekly challenges. This week I have to walk at a minimum 16,289.5 steps in order to complete the challenge. Which I’m happy to report I am doing. Only 3,000 steps away. Walmart laps here I come.
Tomorrow starts a new monthly challenge which is 15,000 steps so nothing to hard for me since I’m already doing that, but I also have a single day challenge of 25,000 steps. I say bring it on, and the weather may actually corporate and I’ll be able to get some stepping done outside.
And, finally tomorrow starts a Munzee challenge. And, well I’m currently the highest stepper in the group, so I’ll be stepping it up big time to stay there, and besides I want to win.
So thank you and all of you who keep challenging me, because you’re making me be accountable and also get off my butt.

Ughhhh Wyoming You Suck!

So Mother Nature has been a real witch! It’s been snowing, raining, windy, and cold here for the past several days. And, well weather like that does nothing for my motivation to be active especially after being so nice the previous week.
I have found myself trying to get my steps in later and later. Can you say laps around Walmart at 10pm have become my way to get my daily steps in.
I’m hoping Mother Nature gets her sh*t together soon because I’m miserable.

New Kicks

This morning the FedEx man delivered my new running shoes. They would of been here last week, but with us heading out of town I had FedEx put them on a vacation hold.
Anyway, this morning they arrived. I haven’t tried them out yet, other than to make sure they fit. But, they felt pretty awesome.
I love the barefoot/minimalist sneakers I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular sneakers again. I have some New Balance, Nike, and Merrells. I’m currently running in my Merrell’s and I love them. I actually didn’t even get shin splints when I first started run training which I ALWAYS get, so right there was love.
The new kicks are again the barefoot type made by SKORA. I’ve never tried their sneakers before, but when they are having a sale and thanks to EveryMove I had $30 off a pai of sneakers I figured why not. I ended up paying half price for them. And, well if I don’t like them for running I have a cute pair of sneakers to wear.
I’ll let you know how I like them after a few weeks of testing them out.
Here’s a pic of them:

Yeah they are cute do either way score for me.
And, if you are not an EveryMove member yet sign up its free and you can earn discounts on all sorts of stuff.

Getting It Done

Today, was a lazy day, well until the end.  I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and it still falling from the sky.  I was not impressed.  1. It’s April 27th, 2. It’s supposed to be Spring, 3. We had nice weather, no fair being a tease Mother Nature, and 4. I’m so sick of snow.  So, with this development the husband and I lounged around reading our books and just being slugs.

Around 2 I decided I really needed to do something and well getting my daily steps in was not going to happen by lying around.  We decided to head out and run a few errands and grab some lunch.  I’m glad we did that because after returning home I had some energy and motivation to get stuff done.  We are currently in the process of selling our house, and have slowly been packing up the stuff we are not using or going to need in the forseeable future.  We are also having an open house in 2 weeks.  With the weather being quite dismal, I decided I should tackle the closets, and well if there is one thing I love about this house it is the amount of closet space.  This of course means lots of stuff was in said closets.  And, if you know anything about house buying and selling is closet space is a big deal.  So I cleaned out the closets and packed up a ton of stuff in the linen closets to make them look bigger and also well we aren’t using all 15 sets of towels and 20 sets of sheets.  I won’t be having tons of company where I’ll need to be changing the sheets so the ones that are already on the bed should be more than enough, and I left out more than enough towels if overnight guests should arrive.  Plus, by cleaning out the closets it will be one less thing I will need to do when it is move day.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling the husband’s and my personal closet.  Let’s just say I need to get some stuff out of there its bursting at the seems right now.  Along, with this I think it’s time to start tackling some of the stuff in the kitchen.  There are tons of kitchen items that I won’t be using in the near future.  And, well I am a bit OCD about packing and know what is in every box, so if something does end up packed that I later need I will know exactly where it is.  Plus by packing a little at a time it’s extremely less stressful than the last 3 times we moved which was kind of WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM, type moving.  I like the whole I will not be up every night until 3 am for the next week.  Plus I like being organized.

Anyway I made sure to leave the box at the opposite end of where I was working so I was making lots of trips, and well lifting and stacking boxes filled with your stuff makes for a good workout.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.


Well yesterday’s walk left me feeling a bit sore. I have Snapping Hips, and well my right one is flared up something awful right now.
I’m fine as long as I’m moving, but sitting for any length of time causes some pain. Monday, I’ll be checking in with the Doc in hope that we can get everything back into place.
But, hey it is keeping me up and moving because sitting still hurts. I’m not moving to fast, but moving is moving.
Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday and weekend.

Now That Was A Walk

Today the husband and I set out to do a large portion of the River Walk here in town.
We headed out this morning and did nearly the whole thing. Only problem with this is it is not a loop, which means you need to go back the way you came.
We started at one end and walked all but the last 1.75 miles of the trail. We had a time issue, one and where we needed to get back to the car so that we could pick up the dogs, and well I knew I’d be spent. The walk ended up being just over 12.5 miles. It was a great day for it. The weather was perfect not too hot and the sun was beating down at ungodly force.
We’ve already started talking about doing one of the other parts of the trail. Maybe early next week.
I love having the paths here to walk. Nice relaxing and surrounded by nature. Of course I say this now, but the first time I run into a snake on the path, I’ll be screaming a different tune about nature. Yeah I HATE snakes.
Happy Friday! Tomorrow we are thinking about taking the dogs to the dog park to do some running, swimming, and just general using up some energy.

Stairs Suck

Oh. My. Goodness. Today we decided to check out Jewel Cave and Mt Rushmore.
We started out the day at Jewel Cave and spent 90 minutes on a tour if the cave in which there were lots of stairs to climb up and down. The cave was pretty cool and really interesting to learn just how massive the thing is.

We followed up our cave visit and 800+ stairs with a visit to Mt Rushmore. We did the Presidential Trail which isn’t that long of a trail but oh the stairs. Lots and lots of stairs going up up up. The buns and legs are going to be feeling this on the morning. But hey it’s worth it buns of steel right 😉


Road Trips Suck For Getting Steps

Today we headed to South Dakota to do a little site seeing. We’ve checked out some cool things already for only being here for a few hours. However, it’s been a lot of sitting in the car, and well that does little to get 15,000 steps in.
It’s 6:30 and I only have half my steps for the day in. I will get them in if it means walking in place in the hotel room, but still. Car rides and road trips were something I used to love, but now I’m sitting here thinking about all of the walking and activity I could be getting in. Needless to say every time we stop I’m jogging and trying to be as active as possible. Dang you fitbit and my obsession with you.
Tomorrow we will be doing a lot more walking around at sites so getting steps in won’t be as hard, but I definitely am no longer a fan of road trips. So much wasted time when I could be getting my steps in. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can talk the husband into getting a motor home so that while he is driving I can walk the length of the RV. Then we could road trip and I could get my steps in.
Happy Tuesday!

River Walk

Once again the weather has been wonderful here in Wyoming of course we are looking at frozen mix this weekend. So, needless to say we are taking full advantage of the weather.
Today we took the dogs to the river walk. It’s a trail that goes along the river, and it’s nice that we don’t have to cross streets and worry about any traffic. We just have to load the dogs in the car to take them there.
And, today these 2 crazy canines of ours got a workout we did 5.14 miles. The poor things are exhausted. But, hey maybe that means they will let us sleep tonight instead of waking us up and wanting to play at 2:30 in the morning.
We broke the walk up a little bit since the trail is not a loop. We did one direction came back to the car gave the dogs and ourselves some water and also let the dogs play in the river for a bit. We then headed in the opposite direction for another mile after in which we turned around and headed back to the car. They both pretty much collapsed. Although, they were super happy with life when we stopped at Hamburger Stand to get drinks at the drive thru and the guy gave them each a whole hotdog. Usually, they get one to share, but today they each got a whole one. They lasted for about 0.02 seconds before they were completely devoured.
It was a great 90 minutes spent with the husband enjoying each others company, getting some exercise in, and occupying the dogs.
Tomorrow we are heading for the Black Hills of South Dakota, without the dogs, they are going to go play at their favorite place on Earth, also known as doggie day care. Plus I think they need a break from walking, I think today’s trip wore them out.
Happy Monday!