Casualty During The Dog Walk

The weather here in Wyoming today was wonderful. Well okay as wonderful as it gets here. Temps in the 70’s, some sun, and of course wind. Because you can’t have a completely nice day here in Wyoming.
We took the dogs out for another walk in hopes of burning off some of their energy, getting in some exercise for us, and just some time spent enjoying the fresh air.
We took a different route today that had less car traffic but more people and other dog traffic. The dogs did pretty well although Heidi, our younger dog was a bit of a spaz. As we walked by a house with a large fence a dog jumped at the fence and started barking. This of course spooked Heidi. Which then resulted in me getting taken out by my scared of her own shadow dog. Slightly sprained ankle and skinned up knee later we made it home. Did I mention we took the dogs on a little over 2 mile walk today. They are getting a bit better at walking on a leash. I still won’t be walking the 2 of them by myself ever.



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