I Might Be A Runner

Today, I did something I wasn’t sure if ever be able to do. So be warned this entire post will be me tooting my own horn. But, hey I’m proud of myself and had a major accomplishment for me anyway.
First I ran for 15 minutes straight. That’s right I started running and went for 15 minutes before going back to walk. The longest I’ve run at once up until today had been 10 minutes. So yeah an extra 5 minutes. I know for you runners out there it’s nothing, but for a girl that is not a runner this was huge. Second I didn’t feel like I was going to die nor was I gasping for breath at the end of the 15 minutes. So this means 2 things I can run longer and a bit faster. Two things I will be working on.
Second in those 15 minutes I ran a mile. Now I know that is not a fast mile at all, but hey it’s a start. I’m hoping to one day make it to a 10 minute mile and well I only have another 5 minutes to shave off. I can and will do it. Run training is really working.
I think I’ll be a real runner yet.

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