Getting It Done

Today, was a lazy day, well until the end.  I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and it still falling from the sky.  I was not impressed.  1. It’s April 27th, 2. It’s supposed to be Spring, 3. We had nice weather, no fair being a tease Mother Nature, and 4. I’m so sick of snow.  So, with this development the husband and I lounged around reading our books and just being slugs.

Around 2 I decided I really needed to do something and well getting my daily steps in was not going to happen by lying around.  We decided to head out and run a few errands and grab some lunch.  I’m glad we did that because after returning home I had some energy and motivation to get stuff done.  We are currently in the process of selling our house, and have slowly been packing up the stuff we are not using or going to need in the forseeable future.  We are also having an open house in 2 weeks.  With the weather being quite dismal, I decided I should tackle the closets, and well if there is one thing I love about this house it is the amount of closet space.  This of course means lots of stuff was in said closets.  And, if you know anything about house buying and selling is closet space is a big deal.  So I cleaned out the closets and packed up a ton of stuff in the linen closets to make them look bigger and also well we aren’t using all 15 sets of towels and 20 sets of sheets.  I won’t be having tons of company where I’ll need to be changing the sheets so the ones that are already on the bed should be more than enough, and I left out more than enough towels if overnight guests should arrive.  Plus, by cleaning out the closets it will be one less thing I will need to do when it is move day.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling the husband’s and my personal closet.  Let’s just say I need to get some stuff out of there its bursting at the seems right now.  Along, with this I think it’s time to start tackling some of the stuff in the kitchen.  There are tons of kitchen items that I won’t be using in the near future.  And, well I am a bit OCD about packing and know what is in every box, so if something does end up packed that I later need I will know exactly where it is.  Plus by packing a little at a time it’s extremely less stressful than the last 3 times we moved which was kind of WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM, type moving.  I like the whole I will not be up every night until 3 am for the next week.  Plus I like being organized.

Anyway I made sure to leave the box at the opposite end of where I was working so I was making lots of trips, and well lifting and stacking boxes filled with your stuff makes for a good workout.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.


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