You Know You’re Obsessed When…

You know you’re obsessed with your fitbit and winning when you look at the leader board and see that you are only 1,200 steps behind the leader. You’re exhausted and have already done 30,000 steps today not to mention the 35,000 yesterday, but you get up and march in place anyway.

Yeah, I’m a bit competitive, and am getting really mad at this guy for beating my steps every day. But, hey it’s good motivation and has kept me really moving the last 2 days.

3 responses

  1. I’ve never even hit 30K and I consider myself somewhat active – that’s really impressive! Do you ever use a treadmill? I get frustrated because my fitbit only credits me about 1200 steps/mile when I jog on a treadmill. I have the One model and I’ve tried it out clipped to my bra, my shoelace and in the pocket of a running jacket. It tracks accurately when I run outdoors… just curious if there is a trick I am missing to ensure accurate step counts on a treadmill.

    • I have the flex so when I’m on the treadmill it records just fine, however pushing a cart doesn’t record as accurate I now pull the cart behind me or make my husband push it.

      • Thanks for the reply! I shall try wearing the One on my wrist at the gym; it was sold with an arm band but the band is HUGE so I might look for something more discrete to test out.

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