I Think They Need To Be Retired

It’s that time, okay it’s actually way past that time. My first pair of running shoes that I actually only wore for running/run training, are in need of a rest. As in I probably shouldn’t wear them anymore because I’ve put many miles on them. Around 750 miles to be exact.
They were great little shoes I never experienced shin splints, foot or heel pain, and no blisters were had. That in my book makes for an excellent pair of shoes. I have a new pair sitting in a box waiting for me to break them out, but I’m still testing out a new brand to me SKORA. And, so far so good I love them too. They offer a bit more cushion then the Merrells which is nice and they have a removable insole which the Merrells do not have. Either way I may have found 2 new favorite running shoes. I definitely have one and SKORA looks to be coming in as a favorite as well.
So thank you Merrells for being my first pair of truly dedicated running shoes. You have been amazing but you can rest now. I still love you and may just wear you with some shorts and a tank as I walk the mall or whatever. But, you will no longer have to endure miles of hitting the pavement.

Ahhhh my Mean Green Sneakers

As you can see the tread is a little worn in some spots but they’ve held up really well for how many miles have been put on them.
Do you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely love?


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