First Week Focus T25 Complete!

Today is Friday and well that means 2 things. My first week of T25 is complete. WHOOP, YEAH, GO ME!
And, today was Double Day Friday.

Why, Shaun T, Why!? I pushed through it and did it. I was doing really well through the first 5 minutes of the second session, I was all I’ve got this I’m nailing this, and then by minute 6 I wanted to cry. But, hey I did it and well it was 50 minutes of my day, I can get through anything for 50 minutes once a week. I also felt pretty proud of myself afterwards.
Tomorrow is measurement day and I’m not really expecting inches to be different but I already know some pounds have been lost. I’ll take it. Pounds or inches lost are gold in my book. Tomorrow I’ll actually do a longer run since I’ve been only doing about half what I do, because Shaun T has been kicking my ass. Oh, and the weather is supposed to be decent which means I can get outside soak some vitamin D and enjoy the fresh air. The treadmill will hopefully be seeing a little less of me in the next few months, and the trails will be seeing more of me.
Happy Friday


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