Fitbit Addicted

I’ve may have mentioned this in the past ok I know I’ve mentioned this on the past but I’m quite addicted to my fitbit. As in if I haven’t reached my goal for the day I’m not going to sleep until I do.
I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve been seen a time or two pacing, marching/jogging in place, and definitely dancing around to get those last steps in. My husband has finally gotten used to it, and no longer looks at me like I have 2 heads when I start doing any of these things. Although, when I do them in public while waiting in line or whatever he gives me a look. The “look” can only be described as, “Are you seriously marching in place right now? You know you look like you’re doing the “I gotta pee dance” right.” Yeah, I don’t care what I look like I’ve got a goal to meet so whatever.
My addiction goes pretty deep I’ve bought a sweatshirt and a tee-shirt that both proclaim me as an addict. I mean I am one I will fully admit it. So, why not embrace it and announce it. I know there are others out there just like me.
Well, today my addiction went a bit deeper, ok actually it was Thursday night that it went deeper I just got to benefit from it today.
I have the fitbit flex, which if you are unfamiliar with fitbit this is one you wear on your wrist, and no it’s not the one that caused people to break out in rash. Anyway, you can get different colored bands for your flex. And, well I did I bought 7 different colors, and I’m pretty excited about it. I had previously bought 3 additional bands, and have now added to my collection.
I now am the proud owner, yeah that’s right I said proud, of 11 different color bands.
I have:
Hot Pink
Medium Blue
Lime Green
Light Orange
Yeah I’ll be rocking different colored bands every day. Can we say I’ll be color coordinated with my outfits always now. So yeah, I’m addicted.
Here are the 7 new bands that were delivered to my house this morning:

Also, I did it I went for it I splurged big time. I bought the Aria scale. I found it on Amazon for quite a bit less than it sells normally, so I went for it.

I immediately set it up and hopped on that puppy. I like that it gives weight and body fat % of course I did not like the weight or body fat % it told me I was, but hey I’m working on that every day. This week alone was an awesome week for weight loss. I actually lost way more than planned, but I’m sure it has to do with the change in my diet and new exercise routine and next week I’ll be back at a more normal rate of weight loss. But, hey this week I lost 6.1 pounds which now thanks to the Aria scale I received this little gem:

That’s my first weight loss badge. Whooooo! I’ve lost more than that, but you only get badges when you have a wifi scale synced to your account, and well now I do so here’s hoping I’ll be getting many more of them over the next couple of months.
So, yes I’m addicted to my fitbit, it motivates me to get up and move. I know that it’s not accurately recording my calorie burn it’s an estimate and that’s fine, because this little, basically pedometer has motivated me like no other gadget has before. I’m walking at least 15,000 steps a day and doing something very active for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s a reminder to get off my butt, and get moving. It’s made me change things in my daily life. I’m no longer looking for the closest parking space or making only one trip act like a pack mule. No, now I’m parking on the furthest corner of the lot, and I’m making multiple trips.
Yes, I am addicted to my fitbit, but I don’t think it’s a bad addiction to have at all. I’m making healthier choices in my life and have become more active because of this little thing so, I’m not quitting this addiction anytime soon.


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