Fit Bottom Girls And The Anti Diet

I recently have discovered Fit Bottom Girls website and blog. And, well I have to say I’m quickly falling in love with them. I like their approach to all things being fit.
They wrote a book called the Anti Diet

And, well let’s face it dieting doesn’t really work. It’s all about lifestyle changes. The book is set up into 10 different chapters each covering a different topic. At the end of the chapter they give you 10 minute fixes that will help you accomplish what was discussed in the chapter. 10 minute fixes sign me up I have 10 minutes.
This week I read Chapter 1 and it’s called Ditch The Diet Drama, and well let’s face it dieting is drama. I’m going to spend the next week really working on the 10 minute fixes to hopefully ditch the diet drama once and for all.
Also at the end of the chapter they give you a journaling exercise, which for some they mind find ridiculous, but for me I find it really helps. I mean I journal everyday right here so a little journaling exercise isn’t going to bother me any. And, well this first journaling exercise I completed today, and it really did make me stop and think about the way I’ve been thinking about my weight, size, diet, and all of that other stuff. So in 8 minutes of journaling I will definitely say I had quite a few Ah-Ha moments.
I’m really trying to make healthy changes in my life and become healthier me.
With this I went out and bought a Smash Book, if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a scrapbook. I purchased one of the kits so along with the book I got some stickers, tape, clips, and other fun stuff. Because hey this is my book journaling my journey and why not jazz it up a bit. I have this blog where I can go back and look at my progress, but I think having something solid I can hold and whip out at anytime and see the things I’ve done, accomplished, and changed is also going to help. This is a lifelong journey and a lifelong change that I’m making do why not chronicle it. Change is never easy, and especially this kind of change it takes time and work.
Here’s my starting picture from this past week, and the things I’m going to focus on this week to ditch the duet drama.


Next week I’ll move on to Chapter 2 and let you know how I feel about it, and what I’m doing to use it in my own life.
Hope your weekend was a good one.


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