Yin & Yan

Tonight I decided to get my zen on. One of the local yoga studios here offers a Sunday night class once a month, and well tonight was that night.
It was an extremely small class only 4 of us showed up. Of course that’s to be expected what with the holiday weekend and all. It was actually really nice having the small group of us, we did stuff that we requested and got some one on one instruction.
We practiced for 90 minutes, and well that’s the longest I’ve ever done a yoga class, and let me tell you I was exhausted.
Yoga may not look like much, but it is. The amount of concentration and muscle use it takes to hold the poses is immense. There were times my legs and arms were shaking with the exertion. But, now that the class is over I feel rejuvenated and definitely relaxed.
I will be checking this class out again next month if it’s offered while I’m here and not in NY. I’m also thinking I might have to check out another one of Liz’s classes during the week.
Yoga may not be cardio or helping me reach my daily step goal, but I’m definitely conditioning my muscles. I was never a big yoga person, but with each experience I have I’m becoming more and more interested in it.
And, I broke a sweat during the long Warrior sequence we did tonight.
Hope you’re enjoying this holiday weekend.

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