Travel Day

Today is another travel day. I’m heading upstate to the mountains. I’ll be spending time with friends and family. Enjoying some carnival festivities and fireworks for the 4th of July.
Today won’t be as much time as other travel days spent sitting still, but still it’s 2.5 hours of driving in a car. Road trips never used to bother me now I have to think of ways to get my steps in. The entire ride I think about all of the activity I’m missing out on. Ughhhh! My fitness, fitbit, and activity addiction is something else.

Window Shopping Burning Up The Calories

Today I headed into Manhattan to meet up with my sister-in-law for some lunch and check out her new office digs.
We headed off to Chop’t for some delicious salads and after lunch she headed back to work and I checked out the shops on Madison Ave and 5th Ave. I ventured into Tiffany’s and checked out the diamonds, looked at the ridiculousness that is Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Dolce, and several other designers.
Of course all of the walking around the shops have helped to burn the calories today and get lots of steps in. Ahhhh NYC I love you.
Tomorrow is another day of fun. We are heading out for a Circle Line Cruise and some good eats.

NYC – A Quick Way To Get Some Steps

I’ve escaped the land of Wyoming for a visit home. I’m visiting my brother and sister-in-law in the Bronx for a few days and then will be heading upstate to the Catskills for the 4th of July.
This morning I got up and busted out my T25 workout. Upper Body Focus I still very much hate you. After the workout was complete a shower was had I headed off to do some pampering of myself. I walked up to the businesses that are around my brother’s neighborhood. First I stopped into the Eyebrow Threading Palace. I love getting my eyebrows threaded. Everyone says it hurts, it doesn’t phase me at all. And, plus whenever I wax I break out, none of that with threading. I love getting my eyebrows done, unfortunately there is no eyebrow threading done in Wyoming. So I can get them done when I travel to Denver or when I come home. Oh and the best part the little place on the corner here costs $5. What! That’s less then half what I have to pay at the little shops in the malls.
The eyebrow threading was followed up by a quick manicure. Did I mention the manicure comes complete with a shoulder massage while your nails are drying. Uhmmm, yeah it does, and all for the price of $5. Heck, for that price I may just go get a manicure every day I am here. So for a total of $15 I got my eyebrows threaded a manicure, and tip included. Who says everything in NYC is expensive.
After the manicure I hightailed it back to the apartment to catch the US v Germany game. Best part about this little jaunt 6000 steps completed easily. I love it. Tomorrow I’m heading into Manhattan for a little fun and to have lunch with my sister-in-law and to check out her new office.

Got To Get My Steps In Somehow

4.5 hours of today was spent driving in the car. Ughhhhh! That does nothing for my activity level. Tomorrow 6 hours, well really 4 actual hours, but with the time change it’ll be 6 will be spent on a plane. Of course it’s worth it, because I’m heading home to see friends and family for 2 weeks. Oh and did I mention it’s in civilization. What!? What’s that you ask, yeah it’s something Wyoming is missing a lot of.
So with this traveling and sitting still for hours on end I’m creating my plan to get my steps and workouts in. My flight leaves at 7am which means I’m at the airport at 5am. Yuck. So I’ll be doing some serious laps around the airport that’s for sure. And, to get my T25 workout in well I’ll be doing that at the stroke of midnight followed by a quick shower and then a few hours of shut eye before getting off to the airport. I’ll be taking a nap here shortly so that I can get up at midnight to do said workout.
As for today and getting my steps in I did a little running around IKEA, hello steps galore. After that I went to the mall and did some window shopping. And, now I’m currently working on this blog while pacing my hotel room. Only 1000 more steps needed today.
How do you get your activity in when on long travel days?