The Anti Diet – Listen To Your Hunger

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about the Anti Diet by Fit Bottomed Girls. The first chapter was about ditching the diet drama, and chapter 2 is all about hunger and how to deal with it.
And, well this past week was a perfect week for me to read it. I haven’t been highly motivated to get my butt moving, but I’ve been stuffing my face. Not a good combination. The chapter talks about the reasons we eat, and goes over how to recognize these reasons, and also how to deal with each of these issues. A big one is emotional eating, and well yup that’s me. I’m an emotional eater. Another big one is eating out of boredom, yup check that one off the list too.
There are a ton of helpful ideas to help you recognize the different reasons why we over eat. Also, they talk about the hunger scale and how we want to stay in a certain zone. I’m a culprit of not doing this as I’m either famished and ready to eat a horse or I’ve eaten so much I fell like I’m going to be sick.
This chapter has given me a lot of things to think about and to work on. As with every chapter they also gave a bunch of 10 minute fixes, which are things that I am concentrating on now. I need to get my eating under control and stay on track with it. I also know that I eat much healthier and within reason when I plan my meals ahead of time and track it all. I just need to do it and stick with it. There really are no excuses.



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