Another Confession Complete With TMI

About 2 months ago I purchased 2 maxi skirts. Why, I don’t really know. I’m not a dress or skirt wearer, we will get into that in a minute. So, why would a person who can’t stand to be in a dress or skirt buy 2. Well I think they look really cute, and seem extremely comfortable, and well maybe I’m trying to be a person that’ll wear dresses and skirts. The big reason why I got them was it cost me $10 for the pair. So for a price like that I can learn to like to wear them right.
Ok, so the reason I don’t wear skirts and/or dresses unless I have to is because of that whole other confession I made a few days ago. You know the one, about the thigh gap or lack there of. So, wearing a skirt or dress all say can seriously get uncomfortable. However, with the discovery of 2 of my favorite new products the thought is a little less painful and irritating. Oh, and I have to add in a third product now. I found these little lightweight shorts. Think Spanx, but not nearly as shaping or as constricting. I mean yes, I love Spanx, and yes I really do need that “shaping” read sucking in my fat, when it is we arm out that is the last thing I want to be in. Talk about making things even warmer. So anyway these little shorts I found came in 2 colors white and black. I bought 2 pairs of each you never know when you will need to wear something under something else.
Today, wasn’t exceptionally hot low to mid 70’s with a breeze, that’s Wyoming for you. I decided today was going to be the day I was wearing one of this skirts. So I did. I sprayed on some powder, rubbed some anti chafe gel on and slipped into the shorts, and finally put on my bright blue maxi skirt. It was awesome. I loved wearing it. And, the material super comfortable. I had a ton of errands to run so there was lots if walking around and in happy to report there was no uncomfortable rubbing together of the thighs.
I may be a maxi skirt wearing girl now. Plus, it helped with the whole I can’t shave my legs thing yet. I’m an epilator person, so with that you’ve got to let the hair grow, and well when you have dark hair it’s noticeable, but not when you’re wearing a floor length skirt. Score a point for the skirt. I could always just shave, but using an epilator is so much easier. I do it once and no hair for weeks, which is way less time consuming then shaving every few days. Only downside is the waiting to let the hair grow in enough. But, hey I can wear maxi skirts now. I think I may have to go pick up a few more in different colors.
Oh and as for where did I find these amazing little shorts. You’re going to laugh because I sure did. I found them in a little teen store. I’m sure your local mall has one. Deb. They are always doing crazy sales and the clothes are already pretty cheap so hey why not. I don’t normally shop there but I saw the shorts in the window as I walked by and had an Ah-Ha moment. So hey why not. They get the job done and were way less expensive than a pair of Spanx and I’ll actually wear them in warmer weather.
So yes, hope I didn’t scare you too much with all the personal info I just dished out, but hey the title did warn you there was going to be TMI.
Happy Friday!


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