I’m Doing It!

Yesterday completed week 4 of Focus T25. I was able to Nail the Full Body Circuit workout on both Tuesday and Thursday, modified version of course, but hey I still rocked it. I also didn’t feel like complete garbage or wanting to die at the end of the week like I did last week. So hey I’m making progress. I actually Nailed all of the workouts this week except Ab Intervals, but I was as close to nailing it as I’ve ever been. So, I’ll take that.
Next week is the last week in the Alpha phase, and I’m excited and scared. I’m super excited because I’ll have made it through the first phase. Although, next week as full body circuit 3 days, and one of those days being double day Friday. Yes I’m cringing as I write this. Yikes full body circuit followed by lower body focus, yeah I’m not looking forward to it. I’m also scared to death because I’m doing the modified version of Alpha and well Beta is only going to be more difficult. So yeah, I’m a little nerve wracked about it, but I can and will do it.
I’m loving the program do much I’m ordering the third phase Gamma and will do that once Beta is complete. And, my hope that is after completing the entire program once that I’ll be able to start over and do it unmodified. At least that’s the hope, but hey if I have to do it 3 times or 200 times eventually I get there. And, I will have ROCKED IT! Hard work and determination will pay off.


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