New Running Shoes Are Here – Thanks SKORA!

I wrote about a fall I took at the dog park about a week and a half ago, thanks to someone else’s dog. Well besides the scraped elbow, you may recall that my SKORA running sneakers took a beating. The top layer of mesh got torn from the friction of sliding and scraping on the asphalt. And, well SKORA is an awesome company and gave me a discount coupon to replace my no longer perfect running sneakers.
I ordered a new pair and decided to go with a different pair. They arrived today, and well I love them as much as my first pair. My first pair is the Phase and well they are super comfortable, look, well looked awesome, and fit like they were made for my feet. Well, I can’t say enough about the Cores. Again they rock.
I mean check these bad bits out.

I mean you got admit they are pretty snazzy and the fit and feel is AMAZEBALLS! I really can’t say enough about this company or their shoes.
So, looks like tomorrow’s run I’m going to be sporting some new kicks.
Thanks SKORA you rock. And, if you like the barefoot/minimalist feel of sneakers you might want to check these guys out. Great shoes and great customer service, what more can you ask for in a company.
SKORA for the win when it comes to running shoes at least for this girl anyway.


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