In Today’s Episode Of Exercise Adventures

I tried out my new SKORA’s LOVE THEM! I think I like them better than the Phase’s I originally purchased.
Moving on enough about the awesomeness that is SKORA. I did my Focus T25 workout and then decided to break in the new shoes. I loaded the dogs into the car and headed off to the dog park. They run I run we are all happy.
Or, so we’d think. Uhmmm, yeah that was until Heidi was lagging behind and I called her. She came running right away with something in her mouth. Now, it wasn’t a snake, if it had been I wouldn’t be writing this post because I’d be dead. Cardiac arrest in full force.
However, it was nearly as bad. She came running with a dead squirrel in her mouth. Ughhhh! Gross! I yelled DROP IT NOW! Which she promptly did and took off in front of me afraid I was going to kill her. Yuck, really dog. Of course she dropped it right on the edge of the path, and well this girl was definitely not touching that thing even with a stick. So yeah we only did one lap today I was not going near the dead squirrel again and risking either one of then touching it.
Ah it’s always an adventure at the dog park. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s trip will be uneventful.

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