T25 Beta Week 1 Done

I’ve been posting a lot about T25 this week, but hey it’s been my first week of Beta Phase, and well it’s kicking my butt.
It’s not only kicking my butt physically but mentally. Today was tough for me. It was Double Day Friday, and well I’m pretty sure at one point I was in tears. I was telling myself I can’t do this, but then I did what the program says and Focused. It was hard, and I was exhausted afterwards as in I wasn’t sure I was even going to make it through the cool down stretch after the second workout. I did it though and I’m proud of myself. Was it done well, did I keep up with them. Yeah, right. I was nearly on the ground following the modified version and the last 10 minutes of the second workout I was really struggling, but I kept with it and didn’t quit. I know that every day and every week it will get just a bit better, but today was definitely a test of my willpower and perseverance and keeping the self-doubt talk out of my head. Because, I can and did do it.
Bring on Week 2


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